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Welcome to the country of the Green Goldmine Agri Tourism in India, Agri tours and travel

Agri Tourism in India, Agri tours and travel

India is an agricultural nation and agriculture is the most important sector in India. Agriculture is a back bone of Indian economy over 85 percent of Indian population directly or indirectly is dependent on Indian Agri-cuture. Currently over 26 percent of the GDP is from agriculture. India with a population on 1.2 billion currently have approx 110 million farmers and according to 2001 census 72% of Indian Population stays in about 6,38,000 villages of India. More than profession, business agriculture is a culture in India. Very serious efforts have been taken by the government of India in this respect and one such is promoting Agri-Culture Tourism. Government of India has initiated number of steps to boost the agribusiness. We have now been able to established our presence in the world market through update with the new techniques and farming methods, latest equipment and packing and transporting systems.

Agriculture Travel and Tours in India, Indian Agri tours

India-a sub continental of diversity, of resilience, of accommodation, of benevolence, of compassion , of peace and of opportunities and potential , with many wonders beside Taj Mahal , magnificence of Hindu, Islamic and Buddhist architecture, massive forts, marbled palaces, the mighty peaks of the Himalayas, countless miles of beaches and the ornate temples of many faiths. World’s largest biosphere reserves containing wildlife sanctuaries for tiger and other species. You have ample reasons to visit India which is virtually a green goldmine endowed with sunshine through out the year and varied climatic features with magnificent hills resorts, more than 8,000 kilometers of coastline, gangetic plains, deserts, wetlands, national parks, sanctuaries and dense virgin rain- forest full of beautiful sceneries and varied wildlife.

Agricultural tourism is successful because it takes us back to a culture that was one of oneness with our environment. People cared for animals, placed their seeds in the grown, harvested their crops. People worked together to harvest crops. It was a time of great effort, yet great joy and accomplishment.

Endowed with diverse species of plants and animals, India is one of the eight centres of origin of plants. Besides important food crops it has 190 species of fruits, vegitables and spices, more than 1,200 species of medicinal and aromatic plants which are of great significances to indigenous heath systems. It has immense economic potential value for cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. India occupies a pre-eminent position with respect to animal genetic resources with 26 breeds of cattle, 8 breed of buffalo, 42 breeds of sheep, 20 of goats, 8 of camel, 6 of horse, 4 of pigs and 18 breeds of poultry along with species like Mithun, Yak, Gees and Ducks. It gave Rice, Sugarcane, Mango and many species to the world.

Advantages of Agri Tourism : :
  1. Partnering of tourism and green industry will help create and strength rural communities alive and prosperous.
  2. Tourist love to enjoy learning about items and process that they will not participate directly.
  3. Agri tourism requires minimum investment and utilize excess capacity of labour, capital, land and natural resources.
  4. Tourists bring in money to local communities that keep rural communities alive and prosperous.
Agri-tourism opportunities in India :


Indian tourism industry is growing at the rate of 10% which is 2½ times more that the growth rate at global level, by introducing Agri-tourism, not only present growth rate is sustained but also this value addition contributes to further growth. India has entered among the top ten tourist destination list. India is already established as one of the top tourist destination in the world. Value addition by introducing novel products like Agri-tourism would only strengthen the competitiveness of Indian tourism industry in global market.

Theme tours- Indian Agriculture and Farm Tourism

Indian Agriculture enjoys these major farming resources – Rabi (December to April), Kharif (July to December) and Jyad (April to July), with variation in crops and their productions.To experience Indian Agriculture, Uday Tours has planned Eight (8) theme tours designed and created by the experts in the agribusiness Industry.

  1. KHARIF (July – December)
    1. Rice – Wheat – Buffalo Cropping System (September / October)
    2. Indian Fruit Mela – Mango and Apple country tour : (August / September)
  2. RABI (December – April)
    1. Fish and Ocean produce on beaches of Goa (December – January)
    2. Indian spices, tea and winter festival (January / February)
    3. Hill Agriculture, Love temple of Khajuraho and Biosphere reserve (January / February)
  3. JYAD (April – July)
    1. Darjeeling orchids, Twining Tea and Bhutan Himalays (June / July)
    2. Hill Agriculture – True seed Potato and Indian Merino Sheep (May / June)
    3. Kaziranga Wild Animal Park, Tea and Pineapple plantation agriculture (April / May).
On Our Study tour we will have following special features : :
  1. We will arrange the most appropriate industry visits which are connected with your business to have the first-hand knowledge of their operation.
  2. Special Events :
    We can also combine your visit alongwith the trade-fairs, conference and buying mission. On these special events you can establish your contracts with the concerned business to make deals or to lay a foundation for the successful marketing of your in India.
  3. Farm Visit
    We can also arrange visits to the farms to meet the farmers and study their main management decisions. During your Farm Visit if you wish we can make arrangements for you to stay with them at their farms. We can also arrange theme dinners during your farm stay to make it a real experience.
  4. Meeting the Concerned Person :
    On your visit we will ensure that you meet the most appropriate personnel in business, research, policies etc.
  5. Sightseeing and Tourist Attraction :
    We will include the sightseeing and tourist attractions that fit with-in the parameters of the program.

“A great deal of planning and preparation in organizing these tours is done to give you the best on your agriculture study tour”

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