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If you are planning specialized theme tour “Animal Breeding” (sheep, buffalos, cow etc) or “Tree House” or “Poultry farming” or “Milk Production”, “Milk Processing”, “Wine Production”, “Wine Tasting Event”, “Wine Growing” or Arable Processing (Rice, sugar, wheat, corn, Soya beans, Potato etc) or Exchange with (Government Association, Research Institute, Federations) or planning “Cultural Tours” (Palaces, Forts, Monuments, Beaches) or “Wildlife”, yes then you are at the correct place, India is the destination for all this and we at Uday Tours & Travel make all the above easily possible.


Uday Tours & Travel formed in 1989 is an agri-tourism consulting company that specializes in agri-culture, agri-technical, agri-educational, agri-business and agri-incentive tour planning within India and Sub Continent. Uday Tours & Travel is recognized by “Department of tourism, government of India” and “Indian Association of Tour Operator”. UTT is also proud to be member of ATOI (Agriculture tour operator International) and NMPPB (National Meat and Poultry Processing Board – India). The hard work and quality of service also won Uday Tours & Travel with “National Tourism Award


Uday Tours specializes in tailor-made programs. These can be specific to one industry or we may combine a number of agri-cultural and farm sectors in a general farming tour, depending on the interest and requirements of our clients. Example industries may include livestock, cropping, horticulture, dairy, sugar, food & Meat processing etc. Each tour’s of ours is unique and designed specifically having great sustainability and natural resource management.

Our Indian Agriculture itinerary could include :
  • Agriculture, Farm, horticulture, forestry
  • Natural, cultural and heritage
  • Agribusiness and government agencies
  • Science, technology and education
  • Natural resources and sustainable land management
  • Scenic attractions & outdoor activities
  • Business and technical interests
  • Sightseeing and exploring the town.
We are also proud member of following organization :
  • AIATA – International Air Transport Association
  • ASTA – American Society of Travel Agents
  • NTA – National Travel Association
  • IAGTO – International Association of Golf Tour Operator.

Contact us at or +91 11 47151515 for more information or other questions about our tours and travel planning services.

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